Symbolic and Diachronic Study of Inter-Cultural Therapeutic and Divinatory Roles among the aLuund ('Lunda') and Chokwe in the Upper Kwaango (South-Western Zaire)

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Filip De Boeck, Centre for Social and Cultural Anthropology Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


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Filip De Boeck (Centre for Social and Cultural Anthropology Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Published Mar 5, 1993


This article attempts to analyze inter-cultural ritual (therapeutic and divinatory) interaction between the aLuund and Chokwe of Southwestern Zaire. The fact that the aLuund turn to neighbouring groups for ritual and therapeutic assistance invites questions with regard to the nature of the unity of Luunda cultural order and identity, and the subject of the cultural praxis. A reflection is offered upon the ways in which cultural traditions and identities are generated and maintained, and processes of cultural exchange contribute to shape and activate the unity of the Luunda ritual world.

KEY WORDS : Zaire, Luunda, healing, divination, ritual

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