Het traditioneel gebruik van Euphorbia Tirucalli

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Patrick Van Damme, Tropische Landbouw Ghent University

Tropische Landbouw

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Patrick Van Damme (Tropische Landbouw Ghent University)

Published Sep 22, 1989


This article reviews the traditional uses of E. tirucalli. This succulent latex plant, although originating from southern Africa, is now growing as a hedge plant in tropical and subtropical regions all over the world. Its special chemical properties have induced people to use it as a source of poison against bacteria, amoebas, nematodes, insects, fish, birds and mammals. Its medicinal use has also been recorded in a wide variety of settings. In a few cases, the latex has been used for the production of varnish and paint. 

KEY WORDS: ethnobotany, latex, rubber, poisonous plants 

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