Methodes d’identification et de suivi d’un projet de developpement integre (Dapaong, Nord Togo)

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Myriam Counet, Vredeseilanden Leuven


Patrick Van Damme, Tropical Agriculture Ghent University

Tropical Agriculture

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Myriam Counet (Vredeseilanden Leuven)

Patrick Van Damme (Tropical Agriculture Ghent University)

Published Mar 26, 1989


The article treats the methodological aspects of the creation of a Vredeseilanden (Flemish N.G.O., "Islands of Peace") project through an example in Dapaong, northern Togo. The philosophy of Vredeseilanden and problematics of the region are presented in the introduction. Interventions were defined through an active participation of the target group during a so-called active listening phase. This participatory approach is also used when evaluating project interventions.

KEY WORDS : Identification, integrated development, feasibility study, cereal banks, evaluation, participatory approach. 

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