Boerenhuishoudens tegenover Markt en Staat in Tanzania

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Hugo Couderé, Economische Hogeschool Limburg Antwerpen

Economische Hogeschool Limburg

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Hugo Couderé (Economische Hogeschool Limburg Antwerpen)

Published Jul 28, 1986


The economie reality of the peasant households in Tanzania is situated at the convergence of three spheres :

1. the economy of affection, based on the peasant mode of production;
2. the market, which is dominated by parallel circuits;
3. the Tanzanian state, which is expanding continuously.

Each of these spheres has its own logic with its own beneficiaries. The economy of affection redistributes income, often at the expense of market laws and official economic policies. The parallel circuits in the market system only benefit the black marketeers and the well-off. The state has expanded, sometimes in favour of peasant-farmers and workers, but most of the time for its own sake.

KEYWORDS : economy of affection, parallel circuits, expanding state 

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