Strengthening teacher trainers ́ICT competencies through ICT design teams: lessons learned

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Bram Pynoo

Educational Science, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

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Bram Pynoo

Published Aug 17, 2018


In order for teacher trainers to effectively integrate ICT in their teaching practice and serve as a model to their pre-service teachers, teacher training should consist of technological, pedagogical and content knowledge. One way to achieve this is by setting up collaborative (design) teams. In this contribution four cases of ICT design teams are presented, each starting from a different perspective. The functioning of the design teams is assessed by making use of two recently developed frameworks. The team leaders are vital for the functioning of their team, and all teams succeed (at least to some extent) in designing learning materials and strengthening the ICT competences of the team mem- bers. Other success factors are the networked nature of the design teams and the personal interest of the team members; whereas time and duration of the project were the limiting factors. The project ran over two academic years; limiting the activities of the design team to one school-year might have led to fewer drop-outs and more involvement.

Key words : teacher training, ICT-competencies, community of practice, blended learning, ICT design team

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