Investigation of the weldability of copper to steel tubes using the electromagnetic welding process

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Barbara Simoen

Koen Faes

Wim De Waele

Published Oct 30, 2017


Magnetic pulse welding is an innovative joining method which allows joining of dissimilar metal combinations. However, much remains unknown about the process and its parameters. In this paper, the weldability of copper tubes to steel rods and tubes is discussed, with the goal of examining the influence of the wall thickness of the supporting steel tube on the weld and the deformation of the components. Large deformations were observed, causing an undesirable decrease in diameter of the tubes. The quality of the obtained welds was shown to decrease with decreasing inner tube thickness as well, most likely due to the deformation of the workpieces in radial direction. Because of this, it is advisable to use an internal support to prevent deformation of the support tubes. To gain more insight in the precise mechanisms of weld formation and failure, numerical simulations are advised.

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