Metallographic evaluation of the weldability of high strength aluminium alloys using friction spot welding

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Jeroen Vercauteren

Koen Faes

Wim De Waele

Published Oct 30, 2017


Friction spot welding is a recent solid-state welding technique well suited for spot-joining lightweight materials in overlap condition. Aerospace and transport industries show great interest in this technique to join high-strength aluminium alloys, but published research is still limited. In this project, the link between process parameters and weld quality is investigated for EN AW-7075-T6 material. Techniques used are metallographic qualification, measurement of hardness reduction and lap shear strength. This paper focusses on the metallographic investigation of the weld region and its imperfections. Increasing joining time and heat input creates an easier material flow resulting in fewer imperfections. Limited plunge depths lead to typical interface imperfections. Variation in the rotational speed shows distinctive stir zone shapes as a consequence of severe stirring and frictional heat.

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