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Yalewlet Mersha

Mary-Lorène Goddard

Nabyl Khenoussy

Dominique Adolphe

Phila Raharivelomanana

Desalegn Nigatu Achenef

Nallankilli Govidan

Published Aug 13, 2019


The aim of our work is to develop a functionalized patch for wound dressing application using natural and endemic plant extract from Ethiopia. Acokanthera schimperi (Apocynaceae) "Yemerz Enchet" is one an Ethiopian based plant in which its extract is used for treatment of chronic wounds by the traditional doctors.[1] Therefore, it has been selected to be used in this study. Different Hydroalcoholic extracts of medicinal plant have been tested and the more efficient one has been selected for the following studies.
As it is well known, electrospun nanofibers patches are an ideal candidate which satisfies the properties of efficient wound healing applications such as mimicking extracellular matrix structure. Moreover, an efficient bacterial barrier, an appropriate water vapor transmission rate and provision of adequate gaseous exchange is also provided by such kind of patches.[2]
The aim of this presentation is unrolled along the different steps that have been followed to functionalized the nano-filament patches with the selected plant "Yemerz Enchet". The challenge to incorporate "Yemerz Enchet" extract into the polymeric nanoweb is also discussed.
The polymer that has been chosen, regarding the literature recommendation is the PCL. The production parameters have been selected and adapted from literature issues thank to different trials.
Uniform and bead free nanofibrous mats loaded with 1,2 and 3% extract were produced. The fabricated nanofibrous is characterized using SEM and FTIR in order to characterize the modification that occurs during the electro-spun process. FTIR analysis indicates that the chemical nature of extract and polymer polymer are not affected by the electrospinning process.
The biologic test, that is currently running, will characterize the anti-bacterial properties of the selected extracts and of the final products.

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