P026_0425_ Results of the SHAPE project

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Benny Malengier

Simona Vasile

Joris Cools

Frank Deruyck

Yetanawork Wubneh Teyeme

Lieva Van Langenhove

Published Sep 4, 2019


The overall objective of SHAPE project (Adapted Performance Sportswear) is to develop comfortable and well-fitted sportswear for athletes whose body shapes differ from the average population. Body measurements of professional cyclists and rowers were extracted from 3D scans and compared with average Belgian population. Variation of body measurements and skin-sportswear interface pressure upon rowing and cycling postures was additionally investigated. Significant differences were found between rowers and average Belgian males. Rowing and cycling postures had significant influence on most body measurements and pressure. Fit of prototypes developed based on SHAPE-body sizing charts was positively validated by male rowers. Large number of cyclists critically evaluated their present outfit including fit and comfort. Two prototypes were designed according to individual needs of Gsport cyclists and their functionality, comfort and fit were positively evaluated.

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