P028_0659_ A cell-based smoothed discrete shear gap using triangular elements for free vibration analyses of plain-woven fabric

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Q.T. Nguyen

Fernando B. N. Ferreira

Published Sep 4, 2019


A cell-based smoothed discrete shear gap method for free vibration analysis of plain-woven fabric is formulated by incorporating the cell-based strain smoothing technique with the discrete shear gap method using three-node triangular Reissner–Mindlin plate element. In this numerical work, the domain of each element will be sub-divided into three triangle domains by connecting the three field nodes to the central point of the element. Then the strain smoothing technique is used to evaluate the curvature strains on these sub-domains. To overcome the shear locking, the discrete shear gap method is applied The fabric material was assumed as an orthotropic material, and its mechanical properties was measured using the Kawabata’s evaluation system for fabric (KES-FB). The numerical result using formulated plate element is, therefore, free of shear locking, good accuracy, and conditionally stable but effective performance in terms of CPU time compared to the other plate elements in finite-element methods.

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