P039_0432_ Influence of singeing of linen/silk fabrics on pilling resistance

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Indre Tautkute-Stankuviene

L. Simanavicius

E. Kumpikaite

Published Sep 5, 2019


Nowadays the pilling resistance of fashion fabrics is very important and frequent problem during the cloths everyday wearing. Properties of woven fabrics are influenced by raw material compositions. In this research were used woven fabric from linen/silk yarns (70% linen/30% silk). It was looking for finishing methods and possibilities for improvement of this fabric property (pilling resistance). One of mechanical finishing method is singeing. Pilling tests of grey and dyed fabrics with and without singeing were done during the experiment. The influence of singeing on linen/silk fabric was not very significant and this kind of mechanical finishing can be used as additional mean for improving pilling resistance.

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