P050_0599_ Influence of textile care processes on the mechanical properties of the woven fabric

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Snjezana Brnada

R. Malinar

T. Dekanić

S. Flinčec Grgac

Published Sep 5, 2019


This research was carried out within the project Hospital Protective Textiles – HPROTEX with the goal of systematic research aimed at addressing the problem of textile dust, potential transmission of infectious agents and causers of sophisticated medical device malfunctions in the hospital environment.
In this paper the influence of the wash cycles on the mechanical characteristics of woven fabric for multiple use, of different construction and structural characteristics has been investigated. Fabric samples in different weaves and different density of warp and weft were subjected to a number of washing cycles after which their tensile properties were tested.
The results of the study have shown that the tensile modules of woven fabrics change with increasing number of washing cycles. The influence of weave and woven fabric density, ie weave and firmness factor, on tensile stiffness of the fabric subjected to the number of washing cycles is also evident.

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