P075_0393_ Adsorptive treatment of hazardous methylene blue dye from textile wastewater using banana peel waste as a cellulosic adsorbent: Isotherm study

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Maral Pishgar

K. Farizadeh

M. Souhangir

A. Pishgar

Published Nov 20, 2019


In this paper, the use of banana peel as a cellulosic adsorbent has been investigated to remove the cationic dye (Basic Blue 159) from textile effluent.The banana peel particles were characterized by FESEM and FTIR. Batch adsorption experiments were carried out as a function of pH, contact time and the mass of adsorbent and mixing speed. Equilibrium adsorption isotherms and kinetics were investigated. The Langmuir, Freundlich,Tempkin were used. The results show that experimental data fitted very well to Langmuir model. Results indicate that banana peel could be used as an adsorbent to remove the cationic dyes from contaminated water courses.

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