2016: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment


Plenary Lectures

S01 - Contamination in the Urban Environment

S02 - Remediation of Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil, Water and Air

S03 - Bioavailability: 21st Century Nexus between Site Characterization, Risk Assessment, and Remediation

S04 - Heavy Metals in Terrestrial Ecosystems

S05 - Heavy Metals in Sediments: Biogeochemistry and Remediation

S06 - Contamination from Long-Range Atmospheric Transport of Heavy Metals

S07 - Risk Based Management of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils

S08 - Risk Assessment and Health Impact: Pathways, Transformation, Bioavailability, Toxicity and Clinical Treatment

S09 - Heavy Metals in the Aquatic Environment

S10 - Diffuse Contamination and Contamination over Large Areas

S11 - Bioremediation of Metal Contamination

S12 - Fate of Emerging Elements and Nanoparticles in the Environment

S13 - Geophysical/geochemical Methods of Soil Pollution Assessment with Airborne Potentially Toxic Elements in problemat

S14 - Heavy Metals and Biochar Interactions

S15 - Records of Anthropogenic Contamination

S16 - Interactions of Biota with Metals

S17 - Interactions of Plants with Metals

S18 - Advances in Analytical Tools and Speciation Analysis

S19 - Waste Streams and Secondary Resources

S20 - Bioindication and Biomonitoring (B&B) Technologies for Observing the Environment

S21 - Spatial and Temporal Changes in Environmental Contamination

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