Strolling the Streets to Discover the Cities: Cosmopolitan Collage in the Independent Magazine Flaneur

  • Natasha Anderson


The modern indie magazine Flaneur: Fragments of a Street, an English-language periodical published in Germany from 2013 onwards and distributed worldwide, examines a single street of a foreign city in each issue via a creative compilation of various visual and visceral materials in order to construct multimedia fragments into a cosmopolitan collage. Owing to its incorporation of sensate components, its focus on transnational networks, and its evocation of the figure of the nineteenth-century flâneur in order to bring urban environments to life for its widely dispersed readership, Flaneur offers a focal point in the diverse expanse of contemporary independent magazine publications. In order to capture the kaleidoscopic nature of modern life, the publication creates an amalgamation of poetic text, unusual layout, visual input, and haptic interaction within its printed pages. As a result, the interaction between mosaic content and multilayered flexibility within this modern, German magazine functions as the driving force in Flaneur’s goal to both build imagined communities across borders and establish an embodied, emotional reading experience.