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Vol 5 (2020): COVID 19 & Environmental History


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In its approach to environmental history JHES privileges comparative approaches as well as societal contextualisation. By looking at well-defined historical configurations of human actors and natural “actants”, bound together by social, economic and power relations, and interacting through technologies, institutions, perceptions and representations, we hope to foster our understanding of environmental history.

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2021-03-31 JHES 5 - 2020: Special issue on COVID 19 crisis

In retrospect, COVID-19 will become a subject which seems quite familiar to environmental historians used to unravelling the complex and hazardous entanglements of society and nature. What can environmental history offer at this moment, however, when the disaster – crisis or hazard – is still unfolding?

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Vol 5 (2020): COVID 19 & Environmental History



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