Met het hoofd in de Cloud. Het digitale sublieme in de Vlaamse en Nederlandse roman


Ruben Vanden Berghe

Gepubliceerd nov 6, 2019


The ever-increasing availability of information, made possible by the Internet today, transforms the way people perceive and acquire knowledge. The following contribution maps the effects of this epistemological shift in the literary form of the novel, hypothesizing that the notion of the sublime helps us understand how literary fiction dramatizes this shift. The sublime aesthetic, which attempts to present the unpresentable, reflects the way the unfathomable scope of the Internet challenges the imagination. My narrative analysis draws on key concepts from cyberculture and media theory, such as virtuality, and links them to narrative categories such as setting, character and narration. In that way, my research will improve our understanding of how Dutch and Flemish literary fiction reflects upon the Internet and how the genre of the novel may change because of it.