Sebalds visie Literaire en andere grafische representaties in de essays van W.G. Sebald



In an interview shortly before his death, German-born writer W G. Sebald
(1944-2001) made a remarkable comment on his 'ideal' reader, i.e. "a reader
who doesn't read the text but sees it". In the present article, Lennon approaches
Sebald's work not as that of a creative writer but as that of a critical reader, in
an attempt to discover in how far Sebald himself 'saw' the texts he read.
Starting from a number of Sebald's critical essays on Adalbert Stifter, Charles
Sealsfield, Leopold Kompert, Karl Emil Franzos, Joseph Roth, Franz Kafka,
and Vladimir Nabokov, Lennon investigates the connections between literature
and other graphic arts, namely painting, photography, and cinematography.