Het archief van C. Julius Agrippinus en het zogenaamde "Drusilla-proces" een onopgeloste zaak



This contribution deals with the archive of Julius Agrippinus, soldier of Karanis
(2d century AD). Since the archive has been found in clandestine excavations,
it has to be reconstructed on the basis of the contents of the papyri. Most docurnents
deal with the so-called "Drusilla-lawsuit". Between 119 and 128/9 AD,
Agrippianus, father of Agrippinus, made various loans to Apollinarius, which
were secured by hypothecs on pieces of land owned by Apollinarius. Both
were in Upper-Egypt at that time, probably on a military posting. When
Apollinarius was unable to repay, Agrippianus seized the pieces of land. After
her husband's death, Drusilla started a lawsuit against Agrippianus for the
surrender of the land. When Agrippianus died, Drusilla continued to sue his
son Agrippinus. The legal proceedings dragged on until at least 147 AD.