De "wiskundeschool" van de Vlaamse jezuïeten in de eerste helft van de zeventiende eeuw een herpositionering



In 1980 Father Omer Van de Vyver drew attention to the existence of a
Jesuit "school of mathematics" in the Flemish province of the Jesuit order. In
recent years historians of science have constructed a more refined picture of
Jesuit science and Jesuit scientific teaching in the different colleges scattered
around Europe. A reappraisal of the specific conditions and underlying
motives of the inauguration of the mathematics course in the Flemish province
shows that this course cannot be reduced to a mere copy of Clavius's Academy
in Rome. Nor can the course be considered to be a straightforward implementation
of the Ratio Studiorum. The foundation and organisation of the Flemish
course of mathematics rather responded to characteristic contextual impulses.