"Een beetje babbelen onder elkaar" Verzameling, verwerking en studie van spontane spraak uit het Corpus Gesproken Nederlands



This contribution opens wich some general information on the registration of
speech and the use of corpora. Then the focus is on spontaneous speech: how
is "spontaneous speech" defined, why is it so important to study this type of
speech and which problems can arise when scudying it? Next, we focus on
corpora of spontaneous speech: (a) corpora created before the realization of
the Spoken Ducch Corpus ("Corpus Gesproken Nederlands" or CGN), (b)
the CGN itself and (c) a subcorpus of the CGN, the so-called "teachers'corpus".
Finally we discuss some problems which arose in two studies, based on
spontaneous speech from the "teachers' corpus": a study on vowel reduction
and a study on speech rate. Keywords: Dutch, (corpora of) spontaneous
speech, Spoken Dutch Corpus, language variation.