Op zoek naar de goede katholiek m/v Feminisering en masculiniteit in het katholicisme in Belgiƫ sinds de vroegmoderne tijd (ca. 1750-1950)


Thomas Buerman

Tine Van Osselaer


This article, "In search of the good Catholic M/F. Feminization and masculinity
in Belgian Catholicism (c 1750-1950)" offers a short declaration of
intent of the research project with the same title. This project consists of two
PhD studies. Both analyses are shortly described by an exploration of source
materials and a presentation of temporary conclusions.
In the first part of this article we focus on the priest and the papal Zouave as
emblems, models or antitypes of Christian manliness in particular and masculinity
in general. In the second part we concentrate on the construction of
Catholic masculinity and gender differentiation in nineteenth-century sermons,
the Catholic Action Movement and the Leagues of the Sacred Heart.