Zoals een mooie maar onbetrouwbare vrouw? De vroegmoderne vertalingen van Justus Lipsius' Monita et exempla politica (1605)



In 1605 the Dutch humanist Justus Lipsius published his last political work,
Monita et exempla politica, which served as an illustration of his more famous
Politica (1589) and which was dedicated to Archduke Albert of the Southern
Netherlands. In this article I present the various early modern translations of
this mirror-for-princes. Thereby attention is especially paid to the context in
which these translations functioned, the aims of the translators, and the audience
for which their work was intended. Lastly, an analysis is given of the
way(s) in which the various translators rendered Lipsius's Monita in the vernacular.
This overview may be of crucial imporrance for the study of the
reception of the Monita, since the history of the Latin original is not necessarily
similar to that of the vernacular versions.