Historiografie tussen literatuur en wetenschap Een dubbele traditie in vroegmoderne nationale geschiedschrijving



During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries a new form of historiography developed
in Europe under the influence of 'antiquarianism'. lts novel approach to the proper handling
of historical sources and divergent writing style represented a drastic break from traditional
historiographical ideals. In this paper, I wish to explore this scholarly development
from a comparative perspective on the basis of a small corpus of early modern
national histories. I will focus attention on two complementary aspects of these works
which are particularly revelatory of the scholarly views which influenced their composition:
the handling of historical sources and the style of the text. These two dimensions
present the two faces of historiography: the scientific study and the literary work and are
therefore particularly revelatory of the crucial shift from historiography as a literary genre
to historical studies as a scientific discipline which took place in this period.