Rust in vrede? Begrafenissen en religieuze controversen in Brugge tijdens de Nederlandse Opstand (1562-1584)



Did encounters with Protestants always result in Catholic violence in the Southern Netherlands
during the sixteenth century? The Dutch historian Judith Pollmann showed that
this was only rarely the case in this geographical area. In fact, most of the Roman Catholics
adopted a rather passive attitude towards the increasing number of Protestants.
According to Pollmann, the catholic clergy played a major role in this 'passivity of the
laity'. Was this also the case in Bruges during the Dutch Revolt or not? And did not, on
the other hand, the tempestuous political context at that time activate the Roman Catholics?
Based on research on the funeral life and landscape of Bruges during the period
1564-1584, this article tries to answer these questions.