Gulik: dynastieke belangen, oorlog en welvaart De woordkeuze van de getrouwe patriot 1642-1652



This article shows that the use of fatherland terminology (the words: patria, fatherland
and patriot) was applied in tumultuous times in order to claim a presupposed, temporary
'office' to critique the prince. In Jülich, the position of Duke Wolfgang Wilhelm of
Palatinate-Neuburg was contested due to a succession crisis. On top of this crisis, the
Thirty Years War made it difficult to keep the principality safe from harm. Pillaging
soldiers and financial contributions led the nobility to believe that the duke was incapable
of ruling this fief. The nobility met - as 'loyal patriots' - in Cologne to discuss issues
concerning the welfare of their fatherland. The use of this terminology helped to avoid
the association with rebellion and undermining the government.