"Dit navolghende sijn sermoenen ende es wat verclaers vanden gheboden gods" Vijftiende-eeuwse Gentse decaloogsermoenen in hun context



ln 1463, an anonymous Dominican preached thirty-one Middle Dutch Decalogue-sermons
in Ghent. The Ten Commandments are extensively explained in those sermons,
which were written down by an industrious auditor. In this article, the context and
intended public of both the original, oral sermons and the written, re-constructed sermons
are examined. It appears they were intended for laymen, probably members of the uppermiddle
class; the language and content of the sermons indicate this, as well as manuscript
features such as the luxurious binding. This is also supported by the context of the sermons,
specifically the Middle Dutch preaching and Decalogue traditions, and the activity
of the Dominicans in Ghent.