Je dood vervelen of je te pletter amuseren? Het intensiverende gebruik van de pseudo-reflexieve resultatiefconstructie in hedendaags Belgisch en Nederlands Nederlands


Emmeline Gyselinck

Timothy Colleman


This paper focuses on the intensifying use of the fake reflexive resultative construction,
as demonstrated in the example Hij lacht zich een breuk om die mop (tit. 'He laughs himself
a fracture because of that joke'). Although the literal use of the (English) fake reflexive
resultative construction has been the subject of several studies, scant attention has
been paid to the potential of this construction for conveying an intensifying meaning,
though these intensifying uses show an intriguing mix of productivity and lexical idiosyncrasy
that deserves careful analysis. This case study will zoom in on the use of the
intensifying fake reflexive resultative construction in present-day Belgian and Netherlandic
Dutch. The analysis will reveal some discrepancies between two national variants of
Dutch and shed light on the development of subschemas displaying various degrees of
productivity on the one hand and the possible lexicalisation of strong combinations on the