De kracht van het verleden De invloed van de Ilias op de karakterisering van Achilles en Ajax in de Posthomerica van Quintus van Smyrna



Quintus of Smyma's Posthomerica is a late antique epic designed as a sequel to Homer
in both contents and style. Fourteen episodically structured books tell the end of the Trojan
war from Hector's burial onward. Among the first events is the death of Achilles and
the subsequent judgement of arms which causes the suicide of Aiax Maior. This article
examines how the Posthomerica deals with the multiform reception of these unhomeric
stories and transforms them into Iliadic accounts that build on the Homeric characterization
of Achilles and Aiax. Quintus uses intertextual references to make a strong connection
with the Homeric model and bring the old story to a convincing end which is embedded
in a younger literary tradition.