Verleiding voor dovemansoren Over de Beiroetepisode in Nonnos’ Dionysiaka



The episode in Beirut (books 41-43) does not play a central part in the long epic poem of
the Dionysiaka, but it is notable because of its unexpected content and the peculiar contrast
between its structural importance and its effect of being a mere narrative detour. In
this article, a discussion of the Beirut episode as a whole is followed by a detailed analysis
of the central book of this episode, containing a series of monologues of Dionysos,
attempting to seduce Beroe (the nymph of Beirut). My analysis of book 42 focusses on
the monologues of Dionysos and the reactions of Beroe. Special attention is paid to elements
of genre and meta-literality, two central notions of my current PhD-research on the