God, volk en imperium in het Zuid-Nederlandse politieke discours van de vroege 17de eeuw Nicolaus Vernulaeus’ Institutionum politicarum libri quatuor



The ideas of the late humanists of the early 17th century, unlike those of their 15th and
16th century predecessors, have received relatively little attention among modern day
scholars. Through Institutionum Politicarum Libri Quatuor (1623), a work by the hand
of Nicolaus Vernulaeus (1583-1649), humanist and professor of Latin and rhetoric at the
university of Leuven, I will demonstrate that this lack of historical knowledge does not
reflect a lack of interesting sources for this period. Vernulaeus holds highly original
ideas about the state and political power. Using concepts such as people, religion and
empire in often rather unconventional ways, his work develops an original conception
of the respublica.