Diplomatie en informatie De Habsburgse gezanten bij de vrede van Vervins (1598)



This contribution focuses on the peace of Vervins and the process of gathering information
during the peace negotiations which hitherto has been neglected. The peace conference
of Vervins took place in 1598 between Spain (Philip II) and France (Henry IV). A
third significant party was Archduke Albert of Austria in whose name the Habsburg diplomats
were sent. This Habsburg delegation consisted out of three diplomats: Jean Richardot,
Jean-Baptiste de Tassis and Lodewijk Verreycken. During the conference, the diplomats
had to inform Albrecht about every development and collect further intelligence
about the political situation in France. Although the accumulation of information and the
communication process were confronted with certain problems, the method of the diplomats
in Vervins indicates the professionalization of diplomacy.