Machtstrijd en sociaal protest op het tempelplein van Jeruzalem aan de vooravond van de Joodse opstand (1ste eeuw n.Chr.) patronen, machtsgroepen en hun belangen



There is a general tendency in scholarly research into the causes of the Jewish revolt
against Romein 66 A.D. to espouse contradictory explanations on the macro-level. As an
alternative, this paper explores the application ofa micro-historical and socio-anthropological
perspective which pays more attention to the socio-cultural context in a case study
on power struggle and protest in Jerusalem during the run-up to the revolt. Eventually, the
paper aims to shed light on the different interest groups involved and the way in which
they used the temple complex as a platform for the expression of power and protest, as
well as how the different causal factors correlate on the micro-level.