Antwerpen en de ontwikkelingen in de pamfletproductie tijdens de Opstand (1576-1585) een kwantitatief-typologische analyse



This article analyzes a corpus of pamphlets produced in and/or related to Antwerp in the
period between the Pacification of Ghent (1576) and the retaking of the city by the
Habsburg regime under Farnese (1585). The quantitative evolutions within this corpus
are related to events, actors and circumstances. Especially Don Juan and the duke of
Anjou have caused peaks in Antwerp’s pamphlet production. In general, the themes of
pamphlets were of interest to an audience wider than Antwerp’s residents, although also
actors in the city’s civil society used this medium. The choice of genres of pamphlets and
their reminiscence to other forms of communication are also discussed. The last part of
the article focuses on the role of printers and publishers.