Collocaties leren in een vreemde taal



Foreign-language (FL) learners are faced with the challenge of acquiring a large vocabulary.
Research has shown that the acquisition of formulaic sequences (FS) and collocations
is one of the biggest lexical challenges for foreign language learners. Researchers
and teachers alike acknowledge the importance of learning FS in the FL classroom
because FS serve a number of communicative functions; they are ubiquitous in language;
they allow more fluency in language output and their use makes FL learners come across
as more proficient (Barfield and Gyllstad 2009; Boers et al. 2006; Schmitt 2008: 340).
This paper reports on three studies that explore the effect of different pedagogic interventions
on the acquisition of formulaic sequences and collocations. The pedagogic implications
of the research findings are discussed in detail.