Reynaert de vos in een Vlaams-nationalistisch jasje Bewerkingen van Van den vos Reynaerde met een ideologische inslag



This article discusses the connection between the Flemish movement, Flemish-nationalism
and Van den vos Reynaerde based on two case-studies. To show how Reynaert has
been used to convey ideological ideas, two Reynaert adaptations will be analysed, namely
the Reynaert adaption written by Rafaël Verhulst in 1903 and the Reynaert text made by
Felix Timmermans in 1919. In both of these adaptations, the original story has been
changed in order to convey a new political message. The analysis will shed light on the
most important characters of the stories, the changes made to the original story-line and
the new message of the texts. Furthermore, the article will show how appropriation of
Reynaert has played in role in these adaptations, both as a cause and a consequence.