Visuele communicatie in ouder-kindinteracties Een longitudinaal en vergelijkend onderzoek naar de visuele communicatiestrategie├źn van ouders



Previous analyses show that deaf mothers support their deaf children in order to provide
the child with full access to the visual-oriented world. They do this by incorporating
Visual Communication Strategies (VCS), which facilitate the access to Flemish Sign
Language and the potential immediate acquisition of language. In contrast, hearing
parents encounter more difficulties when creating a linguistically stimulating environment.
The research reported on in this paper combines a longitudinal and cross-sectional
approach, focussing on the use of visual environment created by deaf and hearing parents.
Our study shows a striking difference between the visual environment created by deaf and
hearing parents. With respect to the visual communication approaches chosen by the deaf
parents, deaf parents may act as role models for hearing parents.