Vlaamse naoorlogse literaire tijdschriften (1944-1950), van institutioneel overzicht naar discursieve verdieping



In Flemish literary history, it is generally understood that the cultural (youth) periodicals published briefly after the liberation (1944-1950) played a considerable role in the elaboration of the post-war literary field (Brems & De Geest 1988, 10). Nonetheless, this interesting thesis has not lead to an in-depth investigation of these periodicals. This lack of interest can be ascribed to: (1) statements of academics on the bad quality of the primary texts, (2) the incomplete periodical archive and (3) the size of the corpus. In this article, I will present a workable proposal to study these post-war periodicals, despite these objections, building on a comprehensive outline of the strongly revalued (inter)nationalresearch on literary periodicals.