Elements of sustainable forest management

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N. Lust

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N. Lust

Published Oct 3, 1995


Elements  of the modern day vision on sustainable forest management are discussed. Some  aspects of the concept are analysed, focusing on the natural definition in  comparison with the ecosystem definition. The significance of ecological  stability is emphasized. It is pointed out that perhaps the most important  aspect of forest stability and sustainability is the ability to retain soil  fertility. Attention is paid to the importance of species composition, the  role of organic matter, the impact of forest use and the problems of forest  engineering.     In order to reach sustainable forest management, a number of strategies can  be applied, based either on the market or the state. There is a need for  measurable criteria and indicators for the evaluation of sustainability.  Therefore new programmes of scientific sampling or even basic research are  still needed.     Forest sustainability provides still a dramatic lot of questions and  efforts, a.o. on the potentiality of sustainable forestry.

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