Origin and development of the Flemish Forest Decree

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N. Lust

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N. Lust

Published Oct 3, 1995


The  Flemish forest decree of 13 June 1990 is the result of 15 years intensive  discussions and scrutiny by several concerned parties. The first draft was  mainly the work of a small forestry group, consisting of members of the  forest administration and the university. Afterwards this first draft has  been thoroughly scrutinized by different pressure groups: private forest  owners, local authorities, agricultural sector, nature conservation, rural  planning and politicians. Finally a decree, that can be considered as a  compromise, has been approved. In this decree the basic features of the first  draft are still present but the influence of the pressure groups is manifest,  especially from the nature conservationists and the agricultural lobby. Some  articles are also rather confuse, because of controversy between the pressure  groups.

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