The attitude of the Flemish private forest owner towards multiple use forestry and the new forest decree

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N. Lust

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N. Lust

Published Oct 8, 1991


The  importance of private forest in the multiple use forestry in Flanders should  not be underestimated. Generally speaking, the attitude of the private forest  owner is far from negative. Practice has shown some positive achievements.  The private forest owner is not only interested in wood production and  investment, but he also takes a very keen interest in hunting, nature  conservation and recreation. Forest legislation is a good means to increase  the significance of multiple use forestry in private forests. In this  respect, the recent Flemish Forest Decree makes a considerable contribution,  on the one hand by imposing some obligations, such as a management plan, and  on the other hand by promoting wood production as well as forest  conservation, recreation and nature development in the forest.

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