First case of nasal transitional carcinoma in a goat infected with Enzootic Nasal Tumor Virus in Belgium

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A. Delaude

E. Raes

C. Leroux

K. Chiers

L. Sonck

Published Aug 31, 2020


An eleven-year-old, female goat was presented for evaluation of breathing difficulties and epistaxis. Radiographs and computed tomographic (CT) examination of the head revealed the presence of a space-occupying lesion involving the right nasal passage and invading the cranial vault and retrobulbar space. Histologic examination and detection of viral genome from the nasal mass led to the diagnosis of nasal transitional carcinoma with concomitant infection with Enzootic Nasal Tumor Virus (ENTV-2). In this case report, the presence of a nasal transitional carcinoma is described in a goat; a very rare tumor which, to the authors’ knowledge, has not been previously reported in goats. Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) detected the genome of ENTV-2 within the neoplastic tissue, suggesting an infectious etiology.

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