Minor salivary gland sialolithiasis associated with a palatal sialocele in a dog

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J. De Swert

B. Van Goethem

Published Feb 28, 2021


A five-year-old Labrador retriever was referred for progressively worsening inspiratory stridorand accompanying dyspnea. Oropharyngeal inspection identified a mass in the soft palate as the cause for upper airway obstruction. Fine-needle aspiration of the mass evacuated mucohemorrhagic fluid and revealed multiple sialoliths. The sialocele was surgically explored, all sialoliths were removed, the lining of the sialocele was resected, and the remaining defect in the palate was reconstructed and closed. Histology of submitted tissues confirmed it to be a sialocele and the sialoliths consisted of protein and carbonate apatite. The dog made an unremarkable recovery and was discharged on the same day. No recurrence occurred and the dog was free of any respiratory symptoms six months post treatment.

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