Successful surgical repair of a temporal and parietal bone fracture with associated traumatic brain injury in a fourteen-day-old foal

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H. Haardt

K. Vanderperren

C. Bauwens

L. Lefère

E. Raes

E. Pollaris

A. Martens

Published Feb 28, 2021


A fourteen-day-old warmblood colt presented with severe neurological signs of unknown origin. The foal was recumbent and comatose, and showed spastic motion of the head. Computed tomography (CT) examination revealed multiple impression fractures to the left parietal and temporal bones, as well as traumatic brain injury. Three fragments of the temporal bone were dislocated into the cranial vault. The foal was surgically treated within 24 hours of presentation: the fragments were elevated and the largest fragment was fixated with an L-shaped titanium MatrixMidface 0.8 mm reconstruction plate. The brain injury resolved with medical treatment and supportive care. Apart from a localized wound abscess that was drained, postoperative healing was uneventful and the foal regained the ability to ambulate 18 days after surgery. Follow-up CT imaging documented good fracture healing and a favorable development of the soft tissue injuries. Seven months after surgery, the foal was fully recovered and showed no neurological signs.

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