Lees maar, er staat meer dan er staat Op zoek naar faultlines in Jan Vos' Aran en Titus (1641)



By teasing out the specific textual places where Jan Vos's bloody masterpiece Aran en
Titus, of Wraak en Weerwraak (Aran and Titus, or Revenge and Revenge in Retaliation;
1638, published 1641) starts to produce 'faultlines' that ultimately undermine the tragedy's
dominant claim, this articles shows that an altemative, dissident perspective might
be uncovered, to which the existing interpretations of Vos's play have paid little to no
critical attention. Moreover this contribution wishes to demonstrate that the play seems
to engage in the discursive context of the Dutch Republic's ideological divergence
between the political and the military discourse during the reign of stadtholder Fredrick
Henry in the late 1630s.